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Dear Parents and Players
Due to the latest State of Illinois restrictions on youth sports, we had to modify our 2020 AHYBA Outdoor Summer Program.  We are not permitted to have "competitions" so we are changing to a scrimmage format.
Each team will be assigned a time slot at one of the courts.  For the most part there will be two teams assigned to the court for a scrimmage.  The same two teams will use the same court, same time for the remaining three weeks of the program.
Score will not be kept.
No referees
Coaches or parents should monitor the scrimmage, call fouls and manage playing time.
Attached is the schedule for the scrimmages week of August 17.
The remaining weeks will follow the same schedule
Sorry for any inconvenience and we hope that everyone stays well.






AHYBA Summer League Rules



AHYBA Summer League Rules—updated 7/22/2020


  1. Four 10 minute running clock quarters. Clock stops during the last two minutes of second half unless one team is up 15 points or more. Officials can stop the clock to allow substitutions.


  1. Two 30 second timeouts per game which can be used anytime


  1. Each player must play 16 minutes which is 40 % of the game but equal playing time is preferred.


  1. All girls leagues will use a 28.5 ball; 4th and 5th grade boys will use a 28.5 ball, all other grades will use a regulation ball


  1.  Only One free throw will be shot on shooting fouls, a made FT will result in two points


  1. Bonus on 10th team foul in each half, which will result in one FT for 2 points


  1. Technical fouls will result in 2 points plus the ball


  1. Overtime will be 2 min stop clock, each team will be awarded one time out. The second overtime will be the first to score 2 FT's, or a basket


  1. Defense shall be man to man however a team down 15 points or more may play a zone. No triple teaming 


  1. Press Rules:
  1. No press at any level (outdoor summer rule)


  1. Free Throw distance 12 feet for 4th & 5th boys & girls; regulation 15 feet for all other leagues.


  1. Three pointers will be allowed


  1. Lane violation shall be  3 seconds


  1. 4th grade girls & 4th grade boys:  no defense outside the 3 point arc. (added June 2019)


  1. A player or coach that receives a second technical foul will be suspended for the next game, any player or coach that receives three technicals will be suspended for the remainder of the season.


  1. If team attendance is less than 7 players, team may borrow players from other teams in the same grade level or grade level below.  Optionally, teams can agree to play 4 on 4.  Games will not be rescheduled for missing players.


  1. Rainouts will be rescheduled preferably on Friday evenings.  Contact Jerry Klopp at immediately after any rainout