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7th & 8th grade boys & Travel Teams

November 18 thru November 19, 2020


updated 11/18/20


Wednesday November 18 Rec Park 6:30-7:30 4B Salgado
Wednesday November 18 Rec Park 7:45-9:00 5A Prorok
Wednesday November 18 Camelot 7:30-8:20 B78-7 Aulenta
Wednesday November 18 Camelot 8:35-9:30 B78-2 Haragadon


Thursday November 19 Rec Park 6:30-7:30 4A Rugg
Thursday November 19 Rec Park 7:45-9:00 5B2 Nason
Thursday November 19 Camelot 5:00-5:55 B78-5 Groberski
Thursday November 19 Camelot 6:10-7:05 B78-4 Hilgeman
Thursday November 19 Camelot 7:20-8:15 B78-6 Wittenborn/Frigelis
Thursday November 19 Camelot 8:30-9:30 B78-1 Roura


We are sorry to announce that as of 12:01 AM Friday, November 20, we need to close down all current AHYBA Programs as a result of the announcements by the Illiniois Department of Public Health.


Practices for November 18 & 19 are still on schedule.  It is up to the discretion of each family whether to participate for these two days.


This "pause" is scheduled to end Friday, December 4 if things improve by then.  We will keep you informed.


Determination of any refunds will be made when we know more about the full duration of this pause.


Please stay safe & stay well!